The Hicksville Water District Takes Precautionary Measures In Light of Coronavirus

March 11, 2020

***P R E S S  R E L E A S E***

Water Supply Will Not Be Impacted 

(Hicksville, NY)– The Hicksville Water District routinely takes the necessary steps needed to prepare for any emergency, regardless of the situation. In light of the increasing concern surrounding the Coronavirus, the District reassures residents that there is no risk to the public water supply. Water flow and other related services will not be interrupted as a result of the ongoing situation. 

“We want to be perfectly clear; the water supply is completely unaffected by the Coronavirus,” says Hicksville Water District Chairman William Schuckmann. “Our biggest concern right now with this developing situation is ensuring our employees are kept safe as well as the residents who interact with them. We have been proactively disinfecting our customer service areas and are solidifying all contingency plans to maintain operations in the event our staff is adversely impacted by the virus.” 

The District has been proactively educating its staff on the prevention and spread of the Coronavirus and other related illnesses. District employees are also taking precautions and are being advised on how to prevent the spread of any sickness in order to keep them and the residents they encounter safe. For the foreseeable future staff will no longer be entering homes unless there is an emergency.  In addition, the District has contacted its local legislators for assistance maintaining an ample supply of disinfecting cleaning supplies. 

“Water quality will not be compromised as a result of Coronavirus,” explains Schuckmann. “This is an airborne illness and cannot be transmitted via water.”

Residents interested in learning more about Coronavirus prevention and preparation are encouraged to reach out to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and/or the Nassau County Health Department. For all water-related questions related or unrelated to this ongoing situation are encouraged to contact the District at 516-931-0184 or