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Dear Hicksville Water District friends and family,

I invite you to join the Hicksville Water District Board of Commissioners to view step-by-step how water is extracted, treated and safely delivered to your home or business in one of our behind-the-scenes water tours. As one of Long Island’s largest public drinking water suppliers, the Hicksville Water District is proud to keep our customers informed through this educational opportunity.

Please join us on a tour of Hicksville Plant 8 as we break down the cleaning and filtration process of your very own drinking water through this informative experience.  Participants will get to see firsthand the source of their drinking water, the different pipes it travels through as it is being rid of contaminants, and how it is safely distributed to homes throughout the Hicksville community.

Those in attendance will also receive reusable water bottles, learn tips on how to conserve water and lower the water bill and have time for a question and answer session with water district Superintendent Anthony Ianonne. We look forward to having you join us as we continue to provide a safe and dependable supply of drinking water!

If you are interested in arranging a free tour of the Hicksville Water District, please contact Christine Sammarco at (516) 829-8374 or by email at


Nicholas J. Brigandi, Chairman of the Board Commissioners

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