Hicksville Water District Warns Against Mailed Water Testing Scams

June 7, 2023

Mailings Are Likely Attempts to Sell Water Filters

The Hicksville Water District (HWD) has received reports from residents that they have received solicitations in the mail with a small vial, claiming that they can receive free water quality testing. These tests do not come from the HWD, and District officials warn residents that they are likely scams used by manufacturers to sell water filters. Any water quality testing that is performed must be completed by a New York State Health Department-certified laboratory for drinking water. A home test kit will often provide grossly inaccurate results.

“We cannot stress enough just how inaccurate these fraudulent testing kits are,” said HWD Chairman William Schuckmann. “The results they provide will lead to residents believing that their water is unsafe, making them feel as if they need to buy home water filters from those who provided the tests. This is a scam to sell water filters which ultimately provide little to no value to homeowners.”

The HWD routinely tests its water for more than 170 parameters at treatment facilities designed by engineers and approved by the health department. The District budgets more than $200,000 per year for testing and each round of testing costs over $2,000, all of which are conducted by New York State Health Department Certified Water Plant Operators. All of the water served to District residents is in strict compliance with all federal, state and county regulations, allowing the community to rest assured that their water does not contain harmful levels of any contaminants.

Any customers with concerns about their water quality are encouraged to contact the District office at 516-931-0184. For additional information, residents can contact the Nassau County Department of Health at 516-227-9692.


Fraudulent home water testing kits provide a single small vial to provide inaccurate results, whereas the Hicksville Water District requires dozens of bottles to accurately determine the quality of its drinking water.