Hicksville Water District Looks to Detect Leaks in Water Mains

April 1, 2021

Using Sound to Ensure all Mains are Secure and Leak-Free


Hicksville, NY (April 1, 2021)—The Hicksville Water District (HWD) is preparing to survey all water mains throughout the southwest section of the District’s service territory and ensure they detect any leaks, beginning on Monday, April 5 and ending no later than Friday, April 9. This annual initiative is meant to cut down on the unaccounted for water that can possibly escape the water distribution system from the production facility and a residents’ home.

“Our leak detection service is extremely effective to identify any potential leaks in our water mains and distribution system ahead of time,” said HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer. “If any leaks are detected, our crews will begin work right away on necessary repairs to potentially save thousands of gallons of wasted water.”

Using specialized equipment, leaks can be detected by using sound waves which measure through the water mains, similar to how a submarine uses sonar to track its surroundings. Once sound monitoring devices are connected to points along the water main, such as at a fire hydrant or a valve, the HWD crew can easily pinpoint the location of an active leak. Last year, the District identified 8 leaks that wasted an estimated 49,050 gallons of water every day. This is the equivalent of wasting 17.6 million gallons of water a year.

Once leak detection is completed, subsequent leak repairs will immediately begin. The HWD asks residents to use caution if they are traveling through an active construction site. Making these necessary repairs on our water mains will save water and save taxpayer money on all of the treatment chemicals, manpower, and electricity used to ensure your water’s safety that never even reaches residents.