Hicksville Water District Launches Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Program

July 30, 2021

Water-saving Technology Helps Prevent Overwatering and Reduces Bills Significantly

The height of summer is upon us and that means irrigation systems will be running at peak frequencies throughout Hicksville. To help combat the sharp spike in water usage the summer season brings, the District has launched a smart controller rebate program, providing a new tool for residents to conserve water. This $150 rebate program will be made available to the first 50 qualified applicants to offset the traditional tripling of water consumption that occurs this time of year and also combat the 13.2 percent increase in pumpage from this time last year.

“The installation of smart, water-saving technology is the simplest way for residents to help us cut down on peak demand, which is very taxing to our water systems and sole-source aquifer,” said HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer. “Residents across Long Island use a significantly higher amount of water in the summer due to irrigation systems. Much of this water is ultimately wasted through overwatering and inefficient systems. Smart controllers help eliminate water waste and have proven to reduce summertime water usage without sacrificing the health of their lawns and gardens.”

Smart controllers replace standard irrigation clock timers and use a Wi-Fi connection to link up with local weather stations to automatically adjust watering schedules based on the forecast. This, in turn, allows the controller to understand how much water the lawn needs, usually one inch of water per week, and cuts down on any unnecessary overwatering. While it can vary depending on weather and other factors depending on the makeup of your irrigation system, these devices typically reduce irrigation consumption by approximately 30 percent. This is crucial during warmer months, as over half of the water pumped in the summer is unfortunately wasted due to evaporation, wind and other inefficient watering practices.

“Installing a smart controller is the best thing they can do in order to cut back on their demand while also saving themselves a significant amount of money on their third quarter billing.,” said Commissioner William Schuckmann. “Rebate Program applicants must have an account that is in good standing with the District and must have a fully-functioning irrigation system that is run by a working timer or control. Additionally, they must retain the old replaced timer or controller for a District field technician to verify during our site visit, and rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants while funding remains.”

To learn more about the smart controller rebate program and to download a copy of the application, please visit www.hicksvillewater.org/forms-and-policies or call the District at 516-931-0184. To learn about more ways to conserve water, go to www.hicksvillewater.org/conservation-and-education.