Be Aware of Scammer Posing as Hicksville Water District Employee

April 26, 2024

All HWD Employees Present Proper Identification Upon Arriving at Your Home

The Hicksville Water District (HWD) has received a report from a resident that someone tried to enter their home on April 23, having claimed to be an HWD employee who needed to check the resident’s water. The person was unable to provide identification and was thus refused entrance to the home, and the HWD confirms that this was not a District employee. Please note that, if a HWD employee arrives at your home, they will always be able to present the proper identification before they request entry. They will also not show up unannounced, as an appointment would be made ahead of time or they would be responding to a phone call to the HWD made by the resident.

“While this is by no means a common occurrence and, thankfully, nobody was harmed, we urge our residents to be on the lookout for this individual,” said HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer. “Every single Hicksville Water District employee who works in the field is issued District identification and will always provide it to a resident before entering their home. Our staff has been made aware of this issue and will be especially sensitive to residents’ needs moving forward.”

Along with their identification cards, HWD employees will also always be wearing District apparel and will have arrived at residents’ homes in a vehicle bearing the HWD logo. They will also be able to provide a specific reason as to why they would need to enter your home. If you have concerns, please call our office at 516-931-0184 and we will be able to verify if a District employee is at your door.