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Hicksville Water District

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We encourage all Hicksville residents to read and sign this important letter about the need for more funding to construct the treatment systems required to remove 1,4-dioxane from our drinking water. Your support of our funding requests is essential in helping to get this financial burden off the backs of Hicksville residents. 

Fill out the form below and we will send a copy of this letter to our area elected officials on your behalf. 

Dear (Elected Official),

I am a resident of Hicksville and customer of the Hicksville Water District. I’m writing to express my concerns regarding the significant level of funding needed for the District to install the treatment systems required to remove 1,4-dioxane from our community’s drinking water. 

Information provided by the Hicksville Water District indicates it is likely that residential water rates will increase by nearly 70 percent and tax rates by more than 50 percent as a result of the state’s unfunded mandate. More than $60 million in capital improvements are needed to construct 1,4-dioxane and PFAS treatment facilities at the District’s 10 impacted wells. The District’s budget is expected to increase by at least $4.7 million or approximately 40 percent.  

While a recent $14 million grant from New York State will ease a portion of this burden, we are still being left with a significant amount of capital to fund. 

As a resident of Nassau County, I am already burdened with some of the highest cost-of-living-expenses in the country. I am proud of my water district for taking polluters to court and seeking monetary damages for contamination, but any reward won will likely take years to see and not be enough to cover the expense of correcting the damage caused by the defendants.

I am a resident of Hicksville and I am not responsible for the damage done to the aquifer in my community. Due to prior bad business practices throughout New York State, it is not right for me and my neighbors to be held liable for funding a vast majority of the cleanup without the polluters—the responsible party—contributing.  

Clean, safe and reliable drinking water is not a luxury or privilege. It is a necessity of life. I strongly believe that you, as a representative of our community, must make this your top priority and develop a plan to correct this situation. After all, what is more important to life than water?


I would like the Hicksville Water District to keep me updated on this situation as well as other District activities.