Hicksville Water District Celebrates 100 Years of Service to the Community

January 28, 2021

The Hicksville Water District (HWD) is proud to announce that this year marks 100 years of the District serving the Hicksville community. A lot has changed at the District since it was formed in 1921, yet, its dedication to its residents in providing the highest-quality water and unmatched customer service remains.

“It is an honor and privilege to recognize all of the hard work every HWD employee has collectively put in over the last 100 years to serve our beloved community,” said HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer. “While so much has changed since the District’s inception more than a century ago, our mission to provide the safest and highest-quality water to our residents remains the same.”

After frustration with the original Nassau Water Company due to water quality issues reached a boiling point, 700 Hicksville residents banned together and petitioned the Oyster Bay Town Board to support forming their own water district. On August 30, 1921, the measure passed and the Hicksville Water District was formed. Two years later, two 150-foot-deep wells were dug and began to produce two million gallons of water each year through 17 miles of brand-new water mains. Since then, the HWD has grown significantly as it now serves more than 48,000 residents through 10 treatment facilities, 15 supply wells and more than 166 miles of water mains that produces and delivers more than 2.5 billion gallons of water each year.

“I’ve had the pleasure of serving this great District in many different capacities since 1971,” said HWD Commissioner William Schuckmann. “To see how big the District has grown and how sophisticated it has become over the last 50 years is simply remarkable and shows how we have been able to adapt with the changing times. There is nothing more important than water, which is why I feel so honored to have played the roles I have at this District for essentially half of its existence.”

Throughout the year, the District will be sharing historical moments from its history to help celebrate the monumental milestone and educate residents about the District’s past. The District will be kicking off a raffle program this spring with donated items to help residents conserve water. This fall, the District will be working with the local library to establish a historical exhibit for residents to get a first-hand look at original photos and some historical District artifacts.

“We are so proud to be celebrating our District’s rich history and sharing it in many different ways with our community,” said HWD Commissioner Nicholas Brigandi. “Given the importance of water in each and every one of our lives, it is always important to look back at history and use it to shape and advance the direction of the District for the future.