Hicksville Water District Advises Residents To Prepare for Cold Winter Season

December 2, 2020

As the winter months are underway, the Hicksville Water District would like to remind its residents of some easy steps to take to prevent water pipes from freezing and causing expensive plumping issues. Water systems, when left exposed to cold weather, can become very susceptible to breaks and leaks.

“Winter is a very harsh season for unprepared water systems,” said HWD Chairman William Schuckmann. “Water expands when it freezes, and this can create costly repairs for homeowners who do not take the proper precautions. Taking these simple preventative measures can stop this damage from occurring in the first place.”

Indoor Maintenance Before Colder Weather Arrives:

Freezing temperatures and cold winds can cause pipes and water meters to freeze or break. In preparation, please locate the main water shutoff valve in your home in case of an emergency and make sure pipes in unheated areas—such as crawl spaces—are properly insulated; insulating pipes can be easily achieved by lining the pipe with only 1/4″ of newspaper. If your water systems have proven susceptible to freezing in the past, make sure that these unheated systems are introduced to heat by opening up the space to the rest of the home. This will allow the warm air to circulate in these areas as well.

Outdoor Water Systems:

Be sure to drain outside faucets and turn off outside water to prevent freezing and breaks. Check your water meter pit cover to make sure that it is securely bolted down and that the cover is intact with a waterproof seal.

Sprinkler Systems:

Sprinkler systems should be drained and turned off to prevent possible leaks and damage to the system. Leaks in sprinkler systems caused by burst pipes can be hard to identify when the systems return back on line, leading to increased water usage and inefficient functionality.

Water Lines Leading to Unheated Structures:

Be sure to shut off and drain service lines leading the unheated structures until spring to prevent breaks.

Learn About Leaks as they Happen:

Due to the Hicksville Water District’s water meter replacement initiative, residents now have the ability to track their water usage in real time by connecting with the EyeOnWater® web application. Through this free app, residents have the capability to proactively monitor any water system issues before pipes break or burst by establishing leak alerts. Registering is simple, and can be done at the following link: https://eyeonwater.beaconama.net/signup.