Hicksville Water District Residents Encourages to Install EyeOnWater App

February 9, 2022

App is the Best Way to Digitally Keep Track of Your Water Usage

With the District-wide switch from standard water meters to new smart meters in full effect, the Hicksville Water District (HWD) reminds residents of the benefits of using the EyeOnWater app. This app is free to download and, once you download and set up a profile, it is the best way to monitor your water usage as it can provide you real time access and updates from any smartphone or computer.

“Water is our most precious resource and it is vital that we are more aware of how much we are using,” said HWD Chairman Nicholas Brigandi. “Whether you are at home or on the other side of the plant, EyeOnWater is the perfect tool to help track water usage, while also being able to be informed about peaks or other sharp increases in usage.”

Not only does the EyeOnWater app help save residents water, but it also helps them save money. One of the greatest benefits of EyeOnWater is its ability for residents to receive alerts of any abnormalities in water usage, particularly in the event of a significant spike in water being registered through the water meter. These spike events can be indicative of a water leak, which can oftentimes go undetected for extended periods of time. With the app, these situations can be identified and addressed in an expeditious manner before any potential damage is done.

Winter is the perfect time to install the EyeOnWater app. With so many people leaving home to vacation in warmer places, water systems are oftentimes left unmonitored by residents. This becomes a nonissue with EyeOnWater, since you do not need to be home to notice water usage abnormalities. Additionally, you can use the app to see your water usage history, view your usage trends and personalize a water savings plan. With everything the EyeOnWater app provides, it has never been easier to save water, and both our natural environment and your wallet will be better off for it.