Hicksville Water District is Prepared for Winter Water Main Breaks

December 15, 2020

HWD Staff is Ready to Fix Any Breaks Quickly During Cold Winter

Hicksville, N.Y. (December 15, 2020)— As we head deeper into the winter months and approach longer stretches of cold weather, water main breaks are more and more likely. The Hicksville Water District (HWD) wants residents to be assured that the men and women of the District are always prepared to act swiftly and make the necessary repairs, regardless of the weather.

“Water main breaks are always a concern in areas like Long Island that experience stretches of extreme cold as well as aging infrastructure,” said HWD Chairman William Schuckmann. “We are fortunate to dedicated employees who are always on standby to make repairs and ensure any potential disruption to service is minimized.”

Water main breaks normally occur when soil moves around the water pipes or is affected by a freezing/thawing condition. Despite water mains being installed below the frost line, when soil shrinks or swells, it places pressure on pipes which can cause a leak. The length and severity of the leak does vary for each incident, but all HWD employees are trained to repair all types of main breaks as quickly, safely, and effectively as they can.

When water service is restored, residents may notice air in their pipes and the water may be discolored. The discoloration is not harmful, but it can stain laundry. If you experience discolored water, please run cold water from a faucet or tub at the closest area to your incoming service line until it clears (should only be a couple of minutes).

The HWD also encourages residents to be on the lookout this winter for main breaks. If residents notice a significant reduction in the water pressure from their faucets, areas of wetness along the curb, bubbling of water in the roadway or unexplainable icy conditions, please contact the District immediately at (516) 931-0184.