Hicksville Water District Celebrates First Smart Controller Rebate Program Recipient

August 27, 2021

District Offers $150 Smart Controller Rebates to Eligible Residents

The Hicksville Water District (HWD) Board of Commissioners recently invited resident Jean Karpen to the District’s headquarters to present her with a giant check for $150. Karpen was the first recipient of the District’s Smart Controller Rebate Program, which offers qualified residents a $150 rebate on smart irrigation controllers to encourage the switch to top-of-the-line technology which helps them conserve water while they irrigate their properties.

“Water is essential to everything we do as a society so it is imperative that we do what we can, when we can to conserve it,” said HWD Chairman Karl Schweitzer. “Smart irrigation controllers are one of the best ways for residents to conserve water while still keeping their properties well-irrigated and healthy. We are thrilled to have our rebate program up and running and it was great to express our appreciation to Jean.”

The District is offering $150 rebates to the first 50 eligible residents who register and qualify for the program. Smart controllers are significantly more efficient than standard irrigation controllers and are the single best way for residents to save water with next to no effort. Once a smart controller is installed, the device uses a Wi-Fi connection to link up to local weather stations so it can predict forecasts and automatically adjust watering schedules. This ability allows the controller to understand exactly how much water a lawn needs in order to stay healthy while preventing over-watering. These systems have proven to reduce irrigation consumption by as much as 30 percent, helping residents save both water and money on their next bill.

Resident Jean Karpen (center) was joined by her son, David (second from left), as Hicksville Water District Commissioners William Schuckmann (left), Nicholas Brigandi and Karl Schweitzer presented her with a giant check for $150 for her status as the first recipient of the District’s Smart Controller Rebate Program.

To register for the Smart Irrigation Controller Rebate Program, visit www.hicksvillewater.org/forms-and-policies.