2020 Hicksville Water District Leak Detection Program

April 6, 2020

As part of our ongoing efforts to conserve our vital drinking water resource, the Hicksville Water District has implemented an acoustical water main leak detection survey program which we perform on a third of our distribution system each year. A leak detection survey is a physical evaluation of a water system to proactively identify specific leaks which may be invisible on the surface. The process for identifying a leak involves the use of a listening device which emits sounds waves to pinpoint the source of a leak whether in a pipe or fitting within the distribution system. 

The program has the opportunity to save a significant amount of water as well and money as it will allow us to locate subsurface leaks and, by identifying them before becoming a larger issue, allows us to make smaller cheaper repairs before they become more major like a water main break.

Our leak detection program will commence tonight (April 6th) and conclude next week (by April 17th).  Most of the work will be performed during the night by a district contractor since this is when water use is at its lowest making leaks easier to detect. The special acoustical equipment used by our contractor does not generate any noise. Our trusted contractor will be wearing personal protective equipment and will carry proper identification at all times. 

This year’s survey will take place in the northwest section of our district (north of Old Country Road, east of Broadway, west of South Oyster Bay Road and south of the Northern State Parkway.
Feel free to contact our office at 516.931.0184 or at info@hicksvillewater.org if you should have any questions or require any additional information.