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Hicksville Water District

Water and Health   arrow

In this day and age, health is top on most people’s list. And, the simple act of drinking the proper amount of water can help you achieve many of your nutritional goals.

Health professionals agree that ingesting at least six to eight glasses of this important natural resource per day will help your body perform a number of vital functions, including transporting nutrients from food to cells as well as getting rid of toxins.

It is best not to wait until you are thirsty to take the first glass, as thirst is an early indication of mild dehydration. Later signs include fatigue, lack of alertness and headaches. So, if you are one of those individuals who often experience some of these symptoms in the late afternoon, mid-day might be just the right time for a water break. Keep in mind that caffeinated coffee and soda, common breakfast and lunch beverages, act as diuretics and cause the body to expel water— all the more reason to begin drinking water early in the day.

But, the benefits of water don’t stop there! Experts report that water helps maintain body temperature, metabolize fat, lubricate and cushion organs, prevent dehydration and generally assist the body to function more effectively. Additionally, did you know that ingesting water is one of nature’s best-kept beauty secrets? A natural moisturizer due to skin’s water retention, this liquid is key to maintaining that healthy glow all year long. So, drink up!

Everyone in your family can reap the benefits of drinking more water, from infants to expecting mothers to seniors. And, if there is an athlete in the clan, he or she will need to replenish fluids lost through perspiration after exercising. What could be better than a tall drink of tasty non-caloric tap water? So, turn on the tap and do something good for your health!