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Hicksville Water District

Hicksville Water District Helps Community Cool Down During Heatwave

Hicksville Water District

Hicksville, NY (July 23, 2018)—The Hicksville Water District announced its pumping statistics during the first heatwave of 2018. The Hicksville Water District seamlessly supplied, on average, 12 million gallons of water per day to the 19,000 customers throughout its 7.9 square-mile service area on the hottest days of the year to date. On average, water use in the summer is 300 percent greater than that on a typical day in any other season, an increase which can be directly attributed to irrigation use.

“The Hicksville Water District prides itself in being there for our community when we are needed most,” said Commissioner Karl Schweitzer. “In times of extreme heat, it is essential to have the power of drinkable water at your fingertips. We are proud to have supplied that water to our community for almost 100 years.”

The Hicksville Water District has undertaken several critical capital projects to ensure a safe and efficient water supply, including comprehensive well upgrades to increase filtration capabilities and pumpage capacity. The District has also and the installation of new water meters in businesses and residences throughout its service territory. These new, digital water meters will connect with a smartphone app, EyeOnWater, to allow residents the capability to view their hourly water usage statistics and identify possible leaks in home plumbing systems before they happen.

“The District reminds residents to abide by the Nassau County ordinances for irrigation and observe responsible water usage throughout the day,” Schweitzer added. “Water conservation is a team effort and requires attention at all levels of our community to ensure the preservation of our most precious resource.”


Residents can play a part in ensuring a bountiful water supply by adhering to county ordinances for irrigation, including not watering during the hottest hours of the day, 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., and following the odd-even regulations for lawn irrigation. Some other easy, helpful tips to cut down on water usage include:

  •  Using the dishwasher only when full and washing dishes by hand when possible
  • Adding a dam to the tank, which will fill up some of the space in the tank so less water is used.  Several types of the commercially made tank dams are available, or you can fill a plastic bottle with water and set it in the tank away from the float.
  • Shut the faucet off while brushing your teeth or shaving until you are ready to rinse. You could save about 100 gallons of water a month.
  • Check for leaking faucets, toilets or pipes around the house to cut water waste

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Photo: Hicksville Water District Superintendent walks community members through the Hicksville Water District’s Plant 5 and informs residents how the water treatment process works.


Photo / Hicksville Water District

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