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Hicksville Water District

Hicksville Water District Invests in Infrastructure Improvements

Hicksville, N.Y. (May 17, 2017) – The Hicksville Water District has held constant rates through the years, despite increasing costs of energy, major infrastructure protection costs, and water quality testing. The Hicksville Water District Board of Commissioners will implement a rate increase for the first time in fifteen years, effective June 2017. The adjustment will finance further investments in the water treatment systems and necessary infrastructure improvements.

“Due to stricter environmental and security regulations, as well as higher water quality standards and Water District capital improvement project costs have resulted in a rate increase that cannot be avoided,” said William Schuckmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “The Board of Commissioners will continue to proactively budget to keep the cost of water low by consistently investing tax revenue in the most effective and responsible ways.”

For decades, the Board of Commissioners has maintained the lowest possible water bills for its customers, while still providing the highest quality drinking water. Despite having looked into other options, at this point, the District must adjust its billing tiers to fit today’s budgetary needs. The increase for the average Hicksville homeowner will be approximately $12.90 per year, or approximately $1.07 per month.

The Board of Commissioners of the Hicksville Water District is committed to providing its residents with the highest quality and fairly prices water, while ensuring complete compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations.

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